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When To Call Maintenance In Your Carmel Apartment

Whether you rent a studio, one-bedroom, or multi-bedroom apartment, it's only a matter of time before you need something fixed. But, how do you know when to call maintenance in your Carmel apartment?

Of Course, significant problems, like heating and electrical trouble, are a no-brainer, but what about minor issues? Should you report lighting outages or carpet damage? And should you attempt to fix items yourself? 

Request Service For Your Carmel Apartment When Faced With These Problems

Minor bathroom sink repair.

When you discover a significant issue – especially one that's structural -- it's commonly covered per your rental agreement. Here’s a list of ordinary complications you might experience:

  • Water damage and leaks: When you find a leak from the apartment above or you experience an overflowing toilet or appliance that causes water damage, contact the maintenance staff immediately.

  • Heating and cooling problems: If your AC no longer cools, or your heat won't turn on, it’s time to make the call. Even during comfortable weather, your AC and furnace should still work correctly.

  • Plumbing leaks and clogs: When the toilet is clogged, try to plunge it yourself first. If your efforts fail, then give maintenance a call. You should also get assistance for dripping sinks or shower fixtures.

  • Pest control: Some pests can get into your apartment by clinging to your clothing or your pet. But if you have issues with any persistent pests -- like ants, mice, or wasps – it's the perfect time for your property manager to contact an exterminator.

  • Broken appliances: If your freezer won't cool or your oven burner refuses to work, it's time to call maintenance. Appliances that are part of the apartment are usually covered, but items you own – a coffee machine, microwave, mini fridge – is under your control.

  • Faulty doors or windows: Your front and patio doors should close and lock properly. If water infiltration or damage from misuse prevents them from closing easily, they should be replaced. Windows should also open, close, and lock as expected.

  • Wall and flooring concerns: If you find drywall damage or a flooring concern, reach out to maintenance. Worn or fraying carpet might need replacing, particularly if a tack is exposed.


What Jobs Should You Do?

Furnace filter being changed.

Not every situation necessitates a call to maintenance. Despite the fact that some rental companies provide assistance with a range of small jobs like lightbulb replacement, it may not always be convenient to adjust your schedule for a maintenance for minor jobs. Here are some routine chores that you can handle:
  • Light bulbs: When light bulbs are burned out, they could easily be switched out whenever you are able. However, if your lighting installation seems to churn through bulbs, you should reach out to the management staff to check if you have electrical problems. Be sure to inquire if maintenance will provide light bulbs in the event they need changing as special bulbs are at times required.

  • Clogged pipes and toilets: When your toilet won’t flush, first try a plunger. It’s also smart to have some drain cleaner to clear the stoppage out of the drain. If you need a drain snake, touch base with maintenance to avoid pipe damage.

  • Air filters: Unless noted in the rental contract, you're responsible for replacing the filter in your HVAC system. Not switching it out will limit airflow and make your rooms uncomfortable. If you no longer see light through the filter, it's time for a replacement. Your maintenance team may provide or change filters for you, so check with them first.

  • Regular Cleaning: Regrettably, cleaning your Carmel apartment is your responsibility. That goes for both your interior and exterior patio space.


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