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Do You Need A Storage Unit For Your Apartment In Carmel?

December 04, 2020

Apartment in Carmel

Do you ever feel like you have more stuff than floor space in your Carmel apartment? You might have moved out of a bigger house, inherited some family heirlooms, or moved in with a roommate.
Regardless of the reason why, you can’t enjoy your favorite home activities in an overly full apartment. Leasing a storage unit in Carmel is one strategy, or you can consider a different idea, such as using a detached garage from your apartment complex in order to store your belongings next door to where you live.
Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Conquer Clutter To Free Up Space In Your Carmel Apartment

Do you recall how roomy your apartment felt when you first called it home? But then you filled it with your possessions, and immediately the area got tighter. That space is still available. You just need to find it from under all your stuff!

The simple technique to uncover more room in your apartment is to label items by putting them into categories. Categorize items as "donate," "keep," or "trash." Discard anything that is classified as trash. Put items you choose to donate in a container or take them to a person who needs them. Then put in order any items you wish to keep. You will be surprised to find how much available room you have when it’s been released from the clutter!

Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Give Everything Its Own Place To Combat Chaos

Sometimes the difficulty isn’t the amount of stuff; it’s that your belongings are not in order. When you leave items sitting about in random places, you won’t have much livable area left. Simple organization goes a long way toward a more comfortable home.

Some apartments have more storage than others, but even in cozy confines, you can still find places for your belongings if you get creative. Keep items on the floor under the bed or in larger pieces of furniture. Think about using vertical storage solutions like hanging systems on walls or doors. Consider using multi-purpose pieces like a hall bench with built-in storage cubbies. Finding a specific spot for every item will give you more available room and keep your apartment neat and welcoming.

Outdoor storage in a Carmel apartment community.

Benefit From Your Apartment Community’s Available Storage

You may find that no level of decluttering or reorganizing will remedy your apartment storage problems. In the event you own large or valuable items that you don’t want to get rid of but occupy too much space in your apartment, you might need to find another place to put them.

A growing amount of Carmel apartment communities now offer on-location storage space to Residents. Whether that’s detached garages, dedicated private storage units, or smaller lockers, if your property rents any of these as one of their incredible amenities, take full advantage of it.

While it might cost you an extra monthly fee, this solution keeps your valuable items nearby and safe but no longer taking up your precious space. You might find this convenience justifies the added expense.


Reserve A Carmel Storage Unit

If you have no other choice, you might have to rent a storage unit elsewhere in Carmel. Even though this is the costliest and less convenient option, storage units offer plenty of space to store items that won’t fit within your unit.

Storage units are a solid choice for valuables that need specific temperature settings or if you are concerned about security. They have a range of sizes, so you can rent whatever unit makes sense for you. An additional bonus: when moving within the same city, you don’t have to move your storage unit's contents, too!


Find a Home That’s More Than A Place To Keep Your Stuff In Carmel

Another possibility when your current apartment is not enough for your living activities and your things is getting a new place! The spacious apartment floor plans and luxury amenities at One One Six Apartments give you plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy life. Currently living on site but interested in a different unit? You can easily move within our complex or to one of our sister properties. To find the right layout for you, touch base with our leasing specialists today by dialing (317) 350-1941 or by using the “schedule a tour” option.